Great experience, serviced my car for a reasonable price. Done same day. Polite, professional, and friendly. Transmission service and oil change.
I strongly recommend United auto repair and tires for guys.
Hafizy has always done a great job servicing and taking care of our vehicles, there is a piece of mind knowing you can trust someone to do the job right and you won't be stuck on the side of the road, Thank You Hafizy and the rest of the crew, you guys are awesome...
Mark B
Highly recommend! They do a great job and honesty goes a long way!
Mark B.
Overall!! Best Automotive buying and restoring experience thanks to United Auto off Petaluma Blvd!! So, I bought a used vehicle for cheap and found out it was leaking transmission fluid and oil.. I was conveniently next door at the Valero and I just looked over and saw they were open and asked if someone was able to look at my problem. Turned out the owner was super awesome and helpful! He gave me an estimate I couldn't refuse and before I knew it the parts showed up, my family was comfortably nearby in the waiting area where there is a comfy couch, access to free cold drinks and a TV with Internet. Muhammad was taking my intake off and replacing my valve covers where the oil was coming out all around it! After-hours even while the place was empty but we just needed a few more things to be done. Muhammad worked late to finish up also, inspected everything to make sure we were good. Then two days later I came back for the missing linkage, brakes and a brake fluid flush(it was dirty green!) All hazards aside now. So glad I got to this done before it impacted the safety of me or my family if we kept driving it. Happy to know there are people like Muhammad and his crew that take such good care of people that need someone they can count on to do a professional job. I've seen lazy mechanics, ones that lie, ones that use cheap parts or break things for you to fix later, that are just plain dishonest. I wasn't worried at all seeing how careful, transparent and respectful the job was getting done here. So to This message is for those that want a better go-to mechanic and better experience with your own personal vehicle you want to last. I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the new owner and services provided here. -Mark B.
Reza A.
Exceptional people and service! Got my tire fixed in less than 15 minutes with almost zero charges. Thanks for the great service.
farhad rezaei
These guys are amazing and Professional and they really care about what they do in a respectful atmosphere and very reasonable prices in Petaluma area I strongly recommend this place thank you guys for your great service I had wonderful experience 😎😎